CBD and Intimacy

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet, CBD is truly a magical substance. When you consider its applications in the various areas of your life and overall well-being, it’s normal to dream of where else it can have a lasting and meaningful impact. Well, you may be pleased to hear that CBD has been shown to be beneficial in the bedroom!

Guess what. You know those receptors you’ve got in your brain that tap into cannabinoids and allow you to process and experience the effects of cannabis? Well, you’ve actually got them in your sexual organs, as well. It’s a good thing, too! Many people have reported positive outcomes when combining cannabis with sexual activity. Of course, this is nothing new. Cannabis has been known to make things, generally, more enjoyable than when they’re enjoyed without the use of cannabis. This includes (but is not limited to) eating and drinking, listening to music or watching movies, and intimacy.

But how much of that can be attributed to the psychoactive effects of THC versus the non-psychoactive component, CBD?

CBD, while it does not get you “high” like THC does, it can be noticeably felt throughout the body, especially when ingested. Once CBD is either taken orally or applied topically, it increases blood flow throughout the body which then heightens sensitivity.

Do you see where we’re going with this…?

People who have used CBD prior to engaging in sexual activity have reported increased sensitivity and therefore, increased pleasure and gratification. Aside from the physical aspects, users also felt more relaxed than usual, which has helped to alleviate mental blocks, such as body insecurity or performance anxiety.

If you think about it, that makes complete sense! CBD is commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to ease muscle tension and foster relaxation. CBD is a natural pain reliever, which is particularly useful when it comes to that downtime between workouts. As it relates to the bedroom, tense muscles can be enough of a hindrance that the whole operation goes south - but not in a good way.

Muscle tension, while contributing to the obvious lack of flexibility and movement, can also present other complications. First of all, you have to consider the source of the tension. Is it excess use of the muscles and/or inadequate muscle recovery that’s leading to overall physical tension? Or does it stem from mental blocks - performance anxiety, insecurity, nervousness, etc.? Whichever source you most align with, CBD can help with both.

Beyond that, CBD helps to jump-start and maintain blood flow to more sensitive tissues, and it encourages the body’s natural lubrication mechanisms. These benefits and their direct influences on nighttime activity seem fairly self-explanatory.

Finally, don’t underestimate the mental impacts of being too “in your head” during intercourse. Overthinking things can really throw a wrench in the whole operation! Again, CBD’s renowned anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties will come in handy here. You’ll be out of your head and in your body (in the best way possible) in no time.

Have fun!

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