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  • Cannabis v. Hemp v. Marijuana

    We know you’ve probably been hearing a lot about things that may or may not make complete sense to you – but we’re here to fix that. One of the main things that trip people up when it comes to understanding, discussing, and utilizing the cannabis plant is that they’re not sure what the differenc... View Post
  • CBD for Athletes

    When it comes to the benefits of CBD, there are so many different ways people can enjoy them. For instance, if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or general discomfort, you’ve probably already heard about how helpful CBD can be to your situation. Hopefully, you’ve tried it out by now, too! If ... View Post
  • Indica v. Sativa

    Something that comes up pretty often whenever people discuss marijuana, hemp, CBD, THC, etc., etc. is the difference between indica and sativa. What do either of those words mean, and how is that difference applicable to those of us looking to delve into the world of CBD? First of all, there are... View Post
  • Cannabis v. Hemp v. Marijuana

    Marijuana, hemp, cannabis – what’s the difference? Or is it all the same thing?   Reading about cannabis-related products in the news and on social media can be a little overwhelming for some people because there’s a certain amount of jargon that comes with the territory – and we’re not even ta... View Post

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