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  • California Wildfires | 2020 Edition

    As 2020 rages on in more ways than one, there’s yet another issue to concern ourselves with. We’ve delved into the nature of growing and harvesting the cannabis crops, as well as why California is so ideal for growing. However, the downside to all of this is that California is prone to wildfires.... View Post
  • Hemp Farming 101

    The journey from farm to shelf is one that involves some good old-fashioned tilling of the land. When we’re so accustomed to simply going to the store and grabbing some high-quality CBD from the shelf in the form of a candy edible or an easy-to-swallow pill or a lightly flavored and versatile tin... View Post
  • CBD and Intimacy

    If you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet, CBD is truly a magical substance. When you consider its applications in the various areas of your life and overall well-being, it’s normal to dream of where else it can have a lasting and meaningful impact. Well, you may be pleased to hear that CBD ... View Post
  • What’s the Difference between THC and CBD?

    We know you’ve probably been hearing a lot about things that may or may not make complete sense to you – but we’re here to fix that. One of the main things that trip people up when it comes to understanding, discussing, and utilizing the cannabis plant is that they’re not sure what the differenc... View Post

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